About Me

rrrrrrrrrmain-u3_highres Hey y’all. My name is Lauren Faye Welsh. I was born in Boone, North Carolina and where ever I find myself in the world it will always be home.

I’m striving the know the fathers heart more intimately.

I love to run and do spontaneous things. I am sassy and impatient and hopefully joyful and passionate too.

Christmas lights, blueberry bagels with blueberry cream cheese, and productive early mornings are a few of my favorite things.

Sitting in a coffee shop all day lost in a good book, dreaming about the future, and sipping on black coffee, is where you can find me.

I desire a sense of community, and believe that everybody deserves a life filled with the best opportunities possible for them.

So here’s to a life filled with intention, Jesus vast love, and lots of hot fudge sundaes from McDonalds.

Here are some jumbled thoughts about my travels, dreams and everyday life.

One thought on “About Me

  1. Lauren,
    I just read your blog about Baby J.
    I’m crying!! Tears of joy. . . as he is in Jesus arms now. . . no more
    feeding tubes, no more oxygen just pure peace!!!
    Lauren, your journey to Jesus’ heart has
    been such a privilege to witness !
    You are amazing . . . Thank you for sharing your heart so beautifully.

    Love, Kitty


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